AmericanWomanhood '12 Demo

by American Womanhood

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released June 22, 2012



all rights reserved


American Womanhood Baltimore, Maryland

Dave, Marc, Mike, Adrian. Baltimore.

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Track Name: Allison the Sniffer
love is a smorgasbord of shit to snort.
maybe that's the reason i can't stop sneezing.
go sacrifice yourself under someone else's red moon.
before soon you'll be consumed by the gloom.
i wake up as a tiger without an appetite.
so why should these fangs bite?
you are a fountain with no coins.
you create and crumble up so effortlessly.
its driving me crazy.

eat shit and live forever.
Track Name: Cheeseburger In Paradise And Put Up A Parking Lot
worship the god of beds.
if sundays the day of rest, why cant everyday be sunday?
i guess i'll see you around.
the salt of the earth quickly loses it's taste.
i came in last place in the human race.
headless, friendless.
we all know how the old saying goes
you can't do the waltz without stepping on some toes.
and it goes.
i felt a funeral in my heart.
Track Name: Feyonce
tree of trash spits dollar sign facts.
in a voice like a prayer i heard someone say unfair.
i stopped watching the news because reporters are so ugly.
a rufilin veil waiting to be lifted.
im stuck in fucking traffic on my only day off.
nature vomits its disgust.
Track Name: Blanket Forts Everyday
last night i realized i undress apathy all of the time.
surfing on a wave of whiskey, im alive.
stranded on an air mattress, im sweating.
the cunning linguist.
the sunrise enthusiast.
the longest road is the one you dont know.
talent is a gun.
the arched back.
hanging neck.
the fireworks over the ocean.
nothing was beautiful and everything hurt.
impaled upon a cross where pain gets you off.
i hope you like the taste of my blood.
god told me to tear you apart at the seams.
shake that ass.