An Ungrateful Ghost Gets The Gift Of Life

by American Womanhood



released June 19, 2012

reinventing ancient life forms is a common practice.
petty joy rides are a national crime.
locked inside in the public eye.
Pouring salt in a freshly opened wound.
Poisonous gases given to the masses.
The passive are the new free range.
Wrapped up tight in your dirty safety blanket.
All the money to be made.

Hang out in hell.
Water the flowers of fire.
Those catholic clergymen cannot comprehend.
We are all just kicking up dirt.

Fifty one puzzle pieces all scattered fifty different ways.
The Grass Is Only Greener If You Dont Let Anyone Piss On It.
Suck me into pretentious penitentiaries.
We cured it through the great vine.
So now we are doing soft time.
My mechanic stole my fucking porsche.
I had to walk around.
On an island with no sun.
Everything and everyone.

we're all force fed poison.



all rights reserved


American Womanhood Baltimore, Maryland

Dave, Marc, Mike, Adrian. Baltimore.

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